Sonata for violin solo

Title, Duration, Place, Year, Publisher, Dedicated to, Premiere (performer(s), place, date)

SONATA FOR VIOLIN SOLO, 15', Paris, 1994, Leduc, à Hélène Sanglier, Hélène Sanglier Conservatoire de Boulogne-Billancourt, 19.01.96

The sonata for solo violin by Naji Hakim was written in 1995 . The opening Precipitato, a kind of energetic toccata in binary form, is followed by an Andante quasi recitativo, a set of paraphrase-variations of the Gregorian melody for Easter : ''Ego dormivi, et somnum cepi : exsurrexi, quoniam Dominus suscepit me, alleluia''. The finale is a polythematic Allegro con spirito, in a popular style.

The world premiere was given by Hélène Sanglier on January 19, 1996 at the Auditorium Francis Poulenc in Paris.