VARIATIONS ON A MARIAN HYMN for string quartet

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Variations on a Marian Hymn YA MARIAMU LBIKRU FUQTI for string quartet, 17', Chatou, 2019, -, To Mario Rahi, Serghei Dayan, Anna Gyogchyan and  -, -, -.


Theme : Moderato - Var. 1 : Andante - Var. 2 : Allegro moderato - Var. 3 : Mesto - Var. 4 : Allegro - Var. 5 : Allegro fugato - Var. 6 : Lento - Var. 7 : Allegro vivace


The exposition of the Coptic-Maronite Marian hymn Ya mariamu lbikru fuqti is followed by a set of variations in different characters, keys and textures, paraphrasing the melody and the text of the eight verses by author Mgr Youssef Derian (1861-1920), translated into English by my friend Fadi El Ounsi. The composition of this work was completed on January 1, 2019, Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God.