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RHAPSODY FOR ORGAN DUO, 10’, Paris, 1992, UMP, to Elizabeth and Raymond Chenault, Elizabeth and Raymond Chenault, AGO National Convention, Atlanta, GA, 1992


Rhapsody, for organ duet  (1. Allegro molto, 2. Andante sostenuto, 3. Vivace, 4. Andante tranquillo, 5. Maestoso - Allegro molto), uses successively four different popular tunes : an Angelus from Brittany a French Carol O Dieu de Clémence, a Danse de Champagne by Claude Gervaise and an American Folk Hymn, Go tell it on the mountain ; the fifth and last part, Quodlibet, combines the whole thematic material of the piece. Premiered in Atlanta at the 1992 AGO National Convention.