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AGAPÊ, 11', Chatou, 2001, UMP, to John Roberts, John Roberts, Royster Presbyterian Church,Norfolk, VA, USA, 16.07.02


He poured himself out, dew and bracing rain,
Upon Mary, that earth thirsting for Him.
Grain of wheat, he descended into earth;
He rose again from it sheaf and new Bread.

Saint Ephrem, Sermon for the 3rd Sunday after Epiphany


Agapê is a liturgical suite of three movements - prelude, communion and postlude - based on gregorian chants for the Feast of Corpus Christi. The opening movement, Lauda Sion salvatorem, paraphrases the first verse of the Corpus Christi Sequence in a series of symphonic variations. The middle movement, Bone pastor, panis vere, comments on verses 23 and 24 of the same Sequence in a varied lied-form. The finale,Tantum ergo sacramentum, is a joyful rondo on the last verse of the hymn Pange lingua.


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