To Call My True Love To My Dance

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TO CALL MY TRUE LOVE TO MY DANCE (Variations on a danish theme "Vil du danse med mig"*), 1. Theme - 2. Cantabile - 3. Valse - 4. Deciso - 5. Arabesque - 6. Burletta - 7. Tango - 8. Scherzando - 9. Berceuse - 10. Finale, 16', Sakskøbing, Bayonne, 2007, Schott,-, Prof. Dr. Faythe Freese (University of Alabama, Church Music Conference, 25.01.08 * The melody of "Vil du danse med mig?" is used with kind permission of Hanne Kurup - Copyright ©


This piece is based on a danish song « Vil du danse med mig ?” (Will you dance with me?), by author and composer Hanne Kurup. It consists of a set of 10 contrasted variations : ThemeCantabileValse, Deciso, Arabesque, Burletta, Tango, Scherzando, Berceuse and Finale. The title ”To call my true love to my dance” is quoted from a christmas carol : Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day. The melody of ”Vil du danse med mig?” is used with kind permission of Hanne Kurup. Copyright ©