Variationen über "O Königin"

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VARIATIONEN ÜBER "O KÖNIGIN", 8', Bayonne, 2014, Schott, Speyer Domorganist Prof. Markus Eichenlaub gewidmet, -.


Variationen über «O Königin»

A solemn first variation, Moderato, declames the melody of the chant on the principal 8 in the pedal with a contrapuntal accompaniment. The second variation, Grazioso, is a bicinium for manuals alone, with the cantus in the right hand and a light accompaniment in perpetuum mobile. The third variation, Adagio, is a meditative ornamentation of the melody on the flute with an expressive harmony. The fourth and final variation, Allegro con spirito, is a rhythmical and joyful development of the melody in a song form with introduction and coda.

O Königin voll Herrlichkeit, Maria! Du Helferin der Christenheit (das Speyerer Muttergotteslied) Text Wilhelm Molitor 1861 (Wallfahrts-Liederbuch G159) - Music ?