I was born in February 1983, in the city of I.L.Karagiale, of the architect Toma Socolescu, and of the great writer Nikita Stănescu, who stated that "Music is an answer to which no question has been asked", a confirmed certainty that humanity has and will have need for the art of music to access and reflect on the inner responses of life, and the evanescent condition of humanity.


Education: "Carmen Silva" College Ploiești, speciality - bassoon instrumentalist, chorist

National University of Music in Bucharest, Faculty of Musical Performance,

Specialization: Bachelor of Arts, Instrumental Performance - Bassoon

Ph.D in music educațion, first year- University of Transylvania - Romania


 Professional Activities:

 * Giurgiu Philharmonic, 2003 - 2006, principal bassoon

 * Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra 2006-2020, principal bassoon

 * Lebanon National Conservatory of Music 2006-2020, professor of bassoon


 Exceptional results:

 * Third Prize, National Olympics grades V-VIII, Bucharest 1996

 * Honorary diploma awarded by the Prahova County Council for outstanding results in professional activity 1997

 * Third Prize, National Music Olympics, Odorheiul Secuiesc 1998

 * First Prize, International Competition "Remmeber Enescu" 5th Edition Bucharest 2000

 * First Prize, National Music Olympics, Ploiești 2000

 * Diploma of Excellence, Ministry of Education and Research 2000

 * Third Prize, National Music Olympics, Bucharest 2001

 * Second Prize "The Hope of a Sound" organized by Prof. Heinz Riedelbauch 2002

 * "Violeta Dinescu" Award offered by the Ministry of Education and Research for the best performance 2004

 * Award for Best Performance, Contemporary Music, Breaza Festival 2004

 * Diploma of excellence offered by the Ministry of Education and Research


 Recitals, Concerts:

 * Recitals during the show "Musicians of

 today ... Musicians of tomorrow ... "1999, 2001, 2002, 2004

 * Choral-instrumental recitals, musical-chamber Philharmonic „Paul

 Constantinescu ”

 * Concerts held at the "Musique classique" festival within the French music festival "Vincent D'Indy" Livron 2000

 * Solo concerts with the "Paul Constantinescu" Philharmonic dir.  Romeo Râmbu year 2000, dir.  Roberto Giufre in 2001

 * Solo concerts with the Lebanon Philharmonic Orchestra, dir.  Walid Gholmieh

 * Recitals with the ensemble "Fagottissimo" Focșani 2002, 2005

 * "International Masterclass for Orchestra Conductors" with the participation of the "National Academic Orchestra" Camerino Italy 2002


 Experiences and collaborations in the field: Giurgiu Philharmonic, Brasov Philharmonic, Black Sea” Philharmonic Constanța, Pitești Philharmonic, Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra.