TOCCATA No 1 for violin solo

Title, Duration, Place, Year, Publisher, Dedicated to, Premiere (performer(s), place, date)

TOCCATA No 1 for violin solo, 3', Bayonne, 2021, U.M.P., to Philippa Mo,  Philippa Mo, The Georgian Theatre Royal, Richmond, North Yorkshire, U.K., 23.10.21.

Other version for viola


This energetic and rhythmic Toccata is based on a perpetuum mobile of eighth notes articulated by accents playing on the distortion of the regular meter. Two middle sections in distant keys precede the recapitulation and the coda.


Cette Toccata énergique et rythmique est bâtie sur un perpetuum mobile de croches articulées par des accents jouant sur la distorsion du mètre régulier. Deux parties centrales dans des tons éloignés précèdent la réexposition et la coda.



Naji Hakim : Toccata n° 1, excerpt from the sketches