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MONTALLEGRO VARIATIONS, 13', Bayonne, 2022, U.M.P., to Fabio Macera, Naji Hakim, Basilica dei SS. Gervasio e Protasio, Rapallo, 13.08.22.


The Montallegro Variations are based on the hymn "Splende in alto", Inno a Nostra Signora di Montallegro ("Shines above", Hymn to Our Lady of Montallegro) - melody by Giovanni Battista Campodonico (1892-1958), text by Mons. Giovanni Cafferata (1876-1979).
The exposition of the theme on the cornet is followed by four variations distinguished by contrasted ornamentations, harmonizations and registrations. The first variation, in aria da capo form, develops the theme on the oboe, with a central part in chorale texture. The following variation highlights the theme on the cromorne, first in the tenor, then in the soprano. In the third variation, the theme flows in arpeggio on the flutes, before the dense harmonization of its second part on the foundations with voix céleste. The work ends with a joyful and brilliant toccata.



Naji Hakim : MONTALLEGRO VARIATIONS for organ, excerpt from the sketches