VARIATIONS ON A MARIAN HYMN for string quartet

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Variations on a Marian Hymn YA MARIAMU LBIKRU FUQTI for string quartet, 17', Chatou, 2019, U.M.P., To Mario Rahi, Serghei Dayan, Anna Gyogchyan and  Hayk Babayan, Mario Rahi, Serghei Dayan, Anna Gyogchyan and  Hayk Babayan, Collège du Sacré-Coeur, Beyrouth, 28.05.19.


Theme : Moderato - Var. 1 : Andante - Var. 2 : Allegro moderato - Var. 3 : Mesto - Var. 4 : Allegro - Var. 5 : Allegro fugato - Var. 6 : Lento - Var. 7 : Allegro vivace


The exposition of the Coptic-Maronite Marian hymn Ya mariamu lbikru fuqti is followed by a set of variations in different characters, keys and textures, paraphrasing the melody and the text of the eight verses by author Mgr Youssef Derian (1861-1920), translated into English by my friend Fadi El Ounsi. The composition of this work was completed on January 1, 2019, Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God.

Naji Hakim : Variations on a Marian Hymn, excerpt from the sketches