ILAYKI for piano

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ILAYKI Variations on Ilayki lwardu ya Mariam for piano, 10', Bayonne, 2024, U.M.P., to Mariam Batsashvili, -, -, -.


ILAYKI is a set of variations on a maronite marian hymn ‘Ilayki lwardu ya Mariam’ (The roses are for you O Mariam), text and melody by Antonin monk Fr. Ghnatus Elhage Butros, Jezzine, Lebanon, 1917. The joyful and rhythmical Theme, Moderato, is characterized by its ornamented and syncopated contour in C major. The variations exploit the circle of fifth with most of the tonalities linked in thirds. The first variation, Lo stesso tempo, in E major, exposes the theme, unchanged, in the left hand, with expressive harmonies, appoggiaturas and neighboring notes. The second variation, Andante, in A major, is a chordal development of the theme. The third variation, Mesto, in D minor, accompanies the theme with large arpeggios in a darker meditative mood. The fourth variation, Divertente, in F major, is in the style of a music box with a repeat in octava alta. The fifth variation, Declamato con fantasia, in B major, is monodic, in arpeggio, with an improvisatory character. The sixth variation, Allegro giusto, con fuoco, concludes the work in a rhythmic and joyful spirit, developing each of the different periods of the theme in a different key to a kaleidoscopic and entertaining effect.



Naji Hakim : ILAYKI for piano (excerpt from the sketches)