Messe Solennelle

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- for SATB choir and orchestra (2222-2230, timp., perc., harp, strings), Chatou/Bayonne, 2015, 21', U.M.P., Orchestration dedicated to Wayne Marshall, -.

- other version for SATB choir and 2 organs (2d organ ad libitum), Chatou/Bayonne, 1999, 21', UMP, to Christopher Stokes and the Choristers of Manchester Cathedral, Manchester Cathedral choir; Jeffrey Makinson, organ; Dir. Christopher Stokes, Manchester Cathedral, 05.03.00


The original version of this mass, for SATB choir and 2 Organs follows the French tradition of the 19th and 20th centuries' Messe Solennelle for choir and organ (2 organs ad lib.) ; tradition represented by composers such as Widor, Vierne or Langlais, especially with regard to the antiphonal and soloistic character of the Grand-Orgue.


The version for choir and orchestra was written specially to honor the organist and conductor Wayne Marshall.


Apart from a few references to Gregorian or secular sources, the free thematic material is developed in a tonally expanded harmony. The general atmosphere of this mass is of a festive and joyful thanksgiving.


Other masses by Naji Hakim include : Missa Resurrectionis for soprano solo (1994), Missa Redemptionis for choir a capella (1995), Missa Brevis (Grazer Mass) for choir a cappella (2012), Missa Cum Jubilo for cello solo (2020).