Saul de Tarse (Oratorio)

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SAUL DE TARSE, Oratorio for soli, narrator, choir and orchestra (2121-1210, célesta, harmonium, piano, 1 contrebasse, Timbales, Perc.), Premier Prix du Concours de Musique sacrée de la Cathédrale de Monaco, 2009, 30', Paris, 1991, Leduc, à ma femme Marie-Bernadette Dufourcet, Academic Choir and Orch. of the Univ. of Lund, dir.:Fredrik Malmberg, Conservatoire de Boulogne-Billancourt, 21.11.94


Saul de Tarse was composed in Paris in the summer 1991. The genesis of the work goes back to my baptism, some days after my birth, when, given the name of Paul, I made my entry into the Church. Imprinted with the charisma of the apostle, I grew up, first as a ''Young Witness of Christ'' then enlisted in the ''Youth Movement of the Eucharist''. My faith in the Risen Christ, the reason of my being, draws its source from the Holy Scriptures, and commits me to follow in the steps of Paul, apostle of the nations, and of his universal epic across the centuries.



Naji Hakim : SAUL DE TARSE, extrait du manuscrit autographe