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MEMOR, 11', Bayonne, 1989, U.M.P., In memoriam Louis Brunet, Naji Hakim, King's College Chapel, Cambridge, 30.08.89


Memor continues the spiritual trajectory of Naji Hakim's earlier works: Symphonie en Trois Mouvements, The Embrace of Fire and Fantaisie sur Adeste fideles. This symphonic fresco is dedicated to the memory of Louis Brunet, father of a friend of the composer, and is a testimonial of Christian faith in the eternity of life beyond death. The work starts with an essentially rhythmic section, immediately followed by a heavy funeral march. The liturgy of Easter Vigil is recalled (Lumen Christi and Deo Gratis) and the piece culminates with a lashing toccata, using the Gregorian theme of the Easter vespers (Ego dormivi, et somnum cepi: et exsurrexi, quoniam Dominus suscepit me, alleluia).


World Premiere: Naji Hakim, 30 August 1989, Kings College Chapel, Cambridge, as part of the Cambridge Summer Recitals.



Naji Hakim : Memor for organ, page 1, excerpt from the autograph manuscript