Duo concertant

Title, Duration, Place, Year, Publisher, Dedicated to, Premiere (performer(s), place, date)

DUO CONCERTANT for Organ and Piano [or 2 Pianos], arr. from Concerto No 1 for Organ and Strings, 15', Bayonne, 1988, U.M.P., Marie-Bernadette Dufourcet and Françoise Dechico-Cartier, Biarritz, date unknown


Concerto No 1 for Organ and Strings (1988). This Concerto is in 3 movements; Vivace, Andante, Allegro, and was comissioned by the Orgelkring Heeswijk in 1988, to be dedicated to Professor Dorthy de Rooij. The organ part is written for manuals alone and is treated both as a member of th orchestra and a soloist. Vivace is a dance-like and rhythmical piece in sonata-form, with a chorale section in it'sdevelopment. The Andante contains contrasting moods, and presents various themes or short rhythmical and harmonical elements, including a Gregorian chant taken from the vespers of Easter Sunday. This movement is in ternary form with a varied recapitulation. The piece is finished off by an Allegro in cyclical rondo-form, with energetic vitality.

Concerto n°1 pour orgue et orchestre à cordes (1988). Ce concerto répond à une commande de l'Orgelkring Heeswijk (Pays-Bas) ; il est dédié au Professor Dorthy de Rooij. L'orgue - pour manuels seuls -, se développe alternativement comme partie intégrante de l'orchestre ou comme instrument soliste. Le Vivace initial est particulièrement rythmique ; un thème en style de choral apporte le contraste dans l'articulation en forme-sonate du discours. L'Andante de forme ternaire variée, présente plusieurs motifs dont le chant grégorien Ego dormivi tiré des Vêpres de Pâques. L'Allegro conclusif est un rondo cyclique.