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MARIALES (Incantation - Pastorale - Antienne - Hymne - Danse), 8', Paris, 1993, U.M.P., in memoriam Jean Langlais, Naji Hakim, Lincoln Cathedral, 21.06.93

Mariales is a set of 5 easy pieces, each one built on a gregorian theme.  Incantation, Pastorale, Antienne, Hymne and Danse paraphrase respectively the following chants:  Mater admirabilis, Regina cœli, Salve Regina, Virgo Dei genitrix and Ave maris stella.  The general piano dynamic accompanies the serne character of the suite.

World premiere: Naji Hakim, 21 June, 1993, Lincoln Cathedral.




Naji Hakim : Mariales, Antienne, page 7, excerpt from the autograph manuscript