Sonata for trumpet and piano

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SONATA for Trumpet & Piano,  15' Bayonne, 2017, U.M.P., to Håkan Hardenberger and Simon Preston, -, -.

(Original version : for trumpet and organ)


This piece introduces thematic material of a popular nature and employs fully the various expressive features of the trumpet alongside a colourful and orchestral use of the organ.

Alternating humour and expressiveness, the first Allegro con spirito is a type of burlesque caprice made up of both variation and rondo forms.

The central movement develops a set of variations on a theme to the Sacré-Coeur . The first variations feature a supplication which culminates in the mesto, tragico central section. The more relaxed fourth variation presents the theme on the piano with a quasi-scherzando counterpoint on the trumpet. The final canonic variation, with its serene atmosphere, contrasts with the tension of the preceding passages.

The work concludes with a saltarello in which the rondo and the cheerful character of the first movement recur.