Missa Resurrectionis for soprano solo

Title, Duration, Place, Year, Publisher, Dedicated to, Premiere (performer(s), place, date)

MISSA RESURRECTIONIS for soprano solo, 14', Paris, 1994, U.M.P., to Caroline Pozderec, Kerstin Pettersson, Malmö, 21.09.94

Missa Resurrectionis, for unaccompanied soprano solo, was composed during the Holy Week of 1994. In it the harmonic potential of the modal or chromatic melodic line is firmly based on tonality. The absence of instrumental accompaniment answers the dual concern of economy and expression, the voice being allowed to convey, in the strongest manner, the meaning of the text which it must always serve.


Naji Hakim : Missa Resurrectionis, excerpt from the autograph manuscript