CRUX FIDELIS for alto saxophone and string quintet

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CRUX FIDELIS Concerto for alto saxophone and string quintet (other versions : 1/with string orchestra 2/with piano), 15', Bayonne, 2021, U.M.P., Javier Oviedo and Jean-Pierre Schmitt, Serge Bertocchi, saxophone, membres de l'Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio-France : Jean-Philippe Kuzma, Sophie Pradel, violons, Clara Lefèvre-Perriot, alto, Jérémie Maillard, violoncelle, Étienne Durantel, contrebasse, Paris, 20.05.23.


"Joy is the gigantic secret of the Christian!” Gilbert Keith Chesterton


CRUX FIDELIS is a concerto for alto saxophone and string orchestra. The work is in two movements.  The initial Moderato is an expressive set of variations on Good Friday's gregorian antiphon Crux fidelis beginning of the Pange Lingua"Faithful Cross, among all, You are the noblest tree, No forest produces anything similar, In leaf, flower, or seed." The second and conclusive Allegro moderato is a joyous rondo-sonata on two free themes.