Exultate Deo

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EXULTATE DEO for SATB a cappella, 5'30, Chatou, 2016, Schott, to David Ogden and the Exultate Singers, Exultate Singers,  Dir.: David Ogden, Bristol, 25.02.2017


Exultate Deo adjutori nostro,
jubilate Deo Jacob.
Sumite psalmum et date tympanum,
psalterium jucundum cum cithara.
Bucinate in neomenia tuba,
in insigni die solemnitatis vestrae.


Composed for the 15th anniversary of the Exultate Singers, "Exultate Deo​"​ is a motet for unaccompanied choir. The work develops a Basque song, « Adieu fillette de Bayonne », already used by Naji Hakim in the first movement of  his Concerto for txistu and orchestra (Schott), and underlines the text by several madrigalisms.

Naji Hakim : EXULTATE DEO, excerpt from the sketches