Concerto for Organ No 2 (Seattle Concerto)

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SEATTLE CONCERTO (Concerto No 2) for organ and orchestra,(3333/4431, timp, 7 perc, 2 harps, pf, strings:, 30', Chatou/Bayonne, 2000, U.M.P., to my wife Marie-Bernadette Dufourcet, Seattle Symphony, dir.: Gerard Schwarz, M.-B. Dufourcet, organ Benaroya Hall, Seattle, 06.07.00


Allegro risoluto ~ Adagio ~ Allegro con spirito


The joyful and rhapsodic opening movement, Allegro risoluto, is in plurithematic sonata form.  The Adagio, in song form, develops a long and expressive melody on the soft reeds of the organ, with a dense choral accompaniment on the strings.  After a lighter and pleasant middle section, Andante grazioso, the recapitulation varies the orchestral texture, the theme being played by the strings in octaves, with contrapuntal staccato ornamentation on the organ mutations.  The finale, Allegro con spirito, is in rondo-sonata form.  It's thematic material and generous orchestration recall the extrovert happiness of the first movement.

World Premiere:  Marie-Bernadette Dufourcet-Hakim, organ, and the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, directed by Gerard Schwarz, 6 July 2000, for the inauguration of the C. B. Fisk organ, opus 114 Benaroya Hall, Seattle, Washington, during the American Guid of Organists' Seattle 2000 National Convention 

Naji Hakim : Seattle Concerto, I, page 1, extrait du manuscrit autographe