SAKSKØBING PRÆLUDIER for chamber ensemble

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SAKSKØBING PRÆLUDIER* for kammerensemble C06512 (fløjte, klarinet, fagot, harpe, violin, bratsch og cello), (other versions : 1/ FACSIMILE C06716, 2/ Organ C06511), 25', Sakskøbing, Chatou, Bayonne, 2005, Combre, til Susanne Olschansky Nielsen and Storstrøms Kammerensemble, (Recording available in the FACSIMILE version C06716) * 1. Mit hjerte altid vanker  2. Nærmere, Gud, til dig 3. O Gud, du ved og kender 4. At sige verden ret farvel  5. Hil dig, Frelser og Forsoner!  6. Den mørke nat forgangen er 7. Nu blomstertiden kommer 8. Påskeblomst! 9. Op, al den ting, som Gud har gjort 10. O kristelighed! 11. Så vældigt det mødte os først i vor dåb 12. Befal du dine veje - Movements alternating with readings of Psalms chosen by Pastor Hanne Margrethe Tougaard : Ps. 104 - Nr. 1 / Ps. 139 - Nr. 2, 3 / Ps. 30 - Nr. 4, 5, 6 / Ps. 103 - Nr. 7, 8, 9 / Ps. 121 - Nr. 10, 11, 12; Storstrøms Kammerensemble, Readings: Pastor Hanne Margrethe Tougaard, Sakskøbing Kirke, DK, 24.09.06 - Danmark: Bogen kan bestilles gennem Maribo Musikforening eller på tlf. 54 70 42 02



At the initiative of Pastor Hanne Margrethe Tougaard and of organist Flemming Chr. Hansen, the Sakskøbing Church, in Denmark  in September 2004 released a CD of Danish hymns "Salmer til tiden - en musikalsk velkomst til den nye salmebog" (Hymns for our time - a musical introduction to the new hymn book). Sakskøbing Kirkes Pigekor & Sakskøbing Kammerkor are led by Flemming Chr. Hansen.

The Sakskøbing Præludier of Naji Hakim* are based on some of these chorals**, coming within the framework of an oecumenical approach and to pay a grateful homage to the Sakskøbing parish, to its organist and to its pastor.

The work has been written in two versions: one version for Organ and another version for Chamber Ensemble (flute, clarinet, bassoon, harp, violin, viola and cello).

The Preludes can be distinguished by characters full of contrasts, that accompany the poetic line of the texts of the hymns, the theological axis that underlies them and the liturgical time. They find their place as much in the liturgy as they do in the concert.

Mit hjerte altid vanker develops a dancing movement around the choral of Carl Nielsen. Chimes, melisms, aksak rhythms (3+2+2) or toccata give the dominant colour of the cycle, emerging from the joy of Christmas. Expressive harmonies accompany the declamation of the tenor of Nærmere, Gud, til dig.  In O Gud, du ved og kender  the cantus is counterpointed by a perpetual movement, image of the confident christian, carried by a compelling stream in the steps of Christ. At sige verden ret farvel is an expressive, harmonic meditation full of chromaticism, facing the torments of death and the mistery of Redemption. Hil dig, Frelser og Forsoner!  illustrates the loving and grateful thrust of the Christian soul towards the Crucified, Saviour and Consoler. One may figure in the perpetuum mobile of the middle section, a picture of the Eternal Joy in Christ. A relief of serenity and of light frame the majestic declamation of the tenor of Den mørke nat forgangen er. Based on a Swedish popular melody, Nu blomstertiden kommer offers a cheerful and dancing thanksgiving, a praise to the Creator. The Easter choral par excellence in Denmark, Påskeblomst!*** is paraphrased harmonically here, with an ascending cadential progression and a crescendo culminating on the splendour of the Resurrection. The overflowing joy of Op, al den ting, som Gud har gjort takes up again the character of the initial movement of the cycle and falls within the thrust of Psalm 150: "Let all that breathes praise the Lord". The peaceful paraphrase of O kristelighed!, conjugates the ABA form to the ornamental variation. The light writing of Så vældigt det mødte os først i vor dåb symbolises the baptismal water and the encounter with the Beloved. Befal du dine veje concludes the cycle in a popular and festive character, exhuberant with joy.


* On 12th. June 2005 Naji Hakim inaugurated the organ of Allen Quantum of Sakskøbing Church, Denmark.

** With the only exception of the first prelude, Mit hjerte altid vanker.

*** This same melody has already been treated by Naji Hakim in a work for string orchestra, Påskeblomst!, published by U.M.P. in England.

Naji Hakim : SAKSKØBING PRÆLUDIER, page 29, extrait du manuscrit autographe