Esquisses Grégoriennes

Title, Duration, Place, Year, Publisher, Dedicated to, Premiere (performer(s), place, date)

ESQUISSES GREGORIENNES, 1. Nos autem - 2. Ave maris stella - 3. Pater noster - 4. Ave verum - 5. O filii et filiae, 10', Sakskøbing, Chatou, 2006, Schott, to Leo Abbott, Leo Abbott (Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Boston, MA, USA, 29.10.06


The five movements of Esquisses Grégoriennes paraphrase the plainsongs referred to in the titles. They can be integrated in the mass as follows : Nos autem for the Entrée, Ave maris stella for the Offertoire, Pater noster for the Elevation, Ave verum for the Communion and    O filii et Filiae for the Sortie.



Naji Hakim : Esquisses Grégoriennes, page 15, excerpt from the autograph manuscript